Polyurethane Pipe Support Guides

Replacements For HDD/Directional Drilling Machines

Increase uptime and service life with Dynatect’s superior wear components and maximize smooth gliding of pipes while minimizing shake and rattle.

Dynatect’s pipe guides features a urethane formulation that resists heat build-up or melting providing a consistent support surface. These pipe guides are field proven and engineered specifically for rugged conditions in extreme temperatures.

Key Advantages:

  • Longer life: resists rapid deterioration under temperature extremes (-5° to 200° F)
  • Precisely formulated to ensure repeatable part performance
  • Molding process results in a finished product with excellent quality and consistency

Technical Overview

Pipe guides come in common standard sizes for quick delivery. See radius options below. More sizes available upon request.

Radius Options:

  • 1.80” Radius (PN0380721)
  • 1.92” Radius (PN0380772)
  • 3.50” Radius (PN0377013)
  • 3.75” Radius (PN0377014)
  • 4.50” Radius (PN0377012)