Cable and Hose Sleeves

Cable and hose sleeves are a simple, cost-effective way to protect hoses. Sleeves are used for hydraulic hose containment or protection of sensitive cables.

  • Benefits: Provides protection from elements (ozone, heat and liquids) and increases machine operator protection.
  • Available with zippers or hook/loop fastener for accessibility.
  • General purpose neoprene-coated nylon or other suitable material
  • Can be added to most cable carriers

How to Specify

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How will it be used?

  • *Wrap around cable carrier: (need overall link width and height of carrier)
  • *Wrap around cable/hose package, within a cable carrier: What is the cavity height and width of the carrier?
  • Wrap around cable/hose package (no cable carrier): List outer diameters of all cables/hoses

*For use with cable carrier:

  • What is the length of the cable carrier or hose sleeve? Measure cable carrier length and add any length of sleeve needed outside the carrier, or, supply the sleeve length desired.
  • What is the curve height of the cable carrier? 

What type(s) of hose(s)? (if wrapping around a hose)

What type of closure is needed?

  • Hook & Loop
  • Zipper

Please include a description of the environment, so we can choose a suitable material.


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