Cable Carrier Accessories

In this article, you will find a summary of standard options and accessories for your cable and hose carrier. These are the most common accessories, but don’t hesitate to ask about other options. We will custom-engineer carriers beyond the standard options and sizes shown in our catalog.


Plastic crossbars

Plastic crossbars are a lightweight, low cost option.  Many models are available with snap-in or hinge crossbars for quick installation and easy maintenance.

  • Plastic crossbars are standard on the following:  KO, KN, SP, KS, NP, P/PH, NP and KL Series.
  • Plastic crossbars are an option on the following series:  TSC, TS, and TL Series.
  • The following are fully-enclosed nylon carriers:  KOE, KLE, and N Series.

Aluminum Crossbars

Available in both flat and round construction, these bars offer an excellent, low friction, high strength alternative to standard plastic bars. Their bolt-in design offers maximum torsional stability, as well as quick and easy link access for installation and maintenance.  Snap-in designs available on some models for quick cavity access. Snap-in designs are available on some plastic cable carriers for quick cavity access.

  • Available with Gortrac metal Series: SB, SC, MRC, GX, SX, SRC, LRC, XX and XL
  • Available with plastic Nylatrac Modular Series: TSC, TS, TL, and NXL

Aluminum Lid/Armor Plates

Armor plate style aluminum lids offer maximum protection against hot chips and heavy debris. Available in both easy access snap-in and heavy-duty bolted construction, armor plate lids are ideal for severe and challenging applications, such as machine tools, mills, and foundries.

Available with: SRC, LRC, and XL Series

Plastic Lids

Plastic lids offer a lightweight, easy access, alternative to heavy-duty aluminum armor plates. Available in a wide range of sizes, their aesthetically pleasing look and ease of access make plastic lids an excellent choice for applications where dust and debris are present.  Their snap-in design allows cavity access with the tip of a screwdriver.  Lid width is customer-specified.

  • Available with: TSC, TS and TL Series

Machined Cross bars

Machined bars are aluminum or plastic block-style crossbars, custom-bored to your specific cable and hose diameters. Machined bars offer minimal wear, optimal placement, and ensure that each cable and hose rides the neutral axis of the carrier, prolonging jacket and conductor life.

  • Metal Carriers: available with: SRC, LRC, SX, XX and XL Series
  • Plastic Carriers: available with: TS, TL Series

EZ Out Cross bars

Utilizing an innovative, spring loaded pin design, E-Z Out combines the strength of aluminum bars, with a bolt-less, snap-out removal system for quick interior accessibility. Poly rollers can be incorporated for lower wear requirements.

Available with: MRC, SX, SRC, and LRC Series (Gortrac Metal Carriers)

More Accessories

Window Extenders

When additional cavity height is required, window extenders are a simple modification that provides extra interior space. They utilize a variety of crossbar styles, including flat bar, round bar, and poly rollers.

  • Plastic carriers: available with Modular Nylatrac Series: TSC, TS, TL, NXL
  • Metal carriers: available with Gortrac SB, SC, MRC, SRC, LRC, SX, XX, and XL Series

PVC Poly Rollers

PVC Poly Rollers provide a low-friction, mechanical wear surface ideal for hoses and soft-jacketed cables.  This option can be added to crossbars, vertical separators or horizontal dividers using round aluminum crossbars.

  • Modular Plastic Series: NSB, NSC, TSC, TS, TL, NXL
  • Metal Series: SB, SC, GX, MRC, SX, SRC, LRC, XX, XL
  • Crossbar is specified using “PR” in part identification number

Cavity Separators


Vertical separators snap or bolt into carrier crossbars to provide multiple compartments in a single link. Available in most carriers and in a variety of styles, including stationary and rolling designs, vertical separators can be installed every link, or staggered for economy. When sizing compartments, Dynatect recommends a safety factor of an additional 10% for cables and 20% for hoses.

Cable/Hose Sleeves

Cable and hose sleeves are a simple, reliable and cost-effective method for protecting dynamic cables and hoses, either in a carrier or by themselves. Sleeves are available with zippers or hook and loop fasteners for accessibility, in a wide variety of materials for diverse application requirements.

  • Benefits: Provides protection from elements (ozone, heat and liquids) and increases machine operator protection.
  • Applications:  Hydraulic hose containment, protection of highly sensitive cables, electrical noise interference, aesthetic enhancement.
  • Cable/hose sleeves can be added to most carriers.

Sliders/Glide Blocks

Modular sliders are often used in long travel applications in which chain bands glide on each other. Sliders are manufactured from special plastic material that is highly wear resistant and offers extremely good coefficient of friction values. Not only do they reduce tow force and wear, but they are removable and easy to replace. Available with Modular Plastic Nylatrac Series: TSC, TS, and TL

Dynatect can also add glide blocks to metal carriers. Consult factory for details.



Dynatect offers a variety of clamp styles and designs, as well as mounting brackets with incorporated strain relief fingers for a quick and easy zip tie clamping solution. Standard and custom designs are available. View our clamping and strain relief page to see options.

Standard, universal, and custom mounting brackets/flanges are available for most carriers.

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