Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Door

Dynatect’s Gortite VF (Vertical Fabric) Door has been conceived to safely isolate hazardous operations from other industrial processes, material, equipment, and people, while still allowing access to it. The door is installed in conjunction with existing machine guard panels on each side of the door to enhance the separation of environments further.

This high-speed industrial roll-up door is designed to minimize cycle time and maximize production in industrial environments. It satisfies the need of both an automatic roll-up door as well as a high-speed industrial door, but with an application emphasis on it being used as secure barrier in automated processes. Learn more below (“Overview” tab).

Delivered in as little as three weeks, Dynatect’s VF Automated Machine Safety Door can increase productivity while making your processes safer.


Typical applications of the Gortite VF Safety Door include automated production and machine processes that require preventive measures, such as robotic welding, processing, and transport tasks. The Gortite VF Door can help increase the safety of industrial facilities by containing common process-generated hazards, such as light debris, fluid splatter/mist, weld smoke, sparks, and intense flash.

In order to avoid accidents during daily operations, the door is equipped with a “Traveling Photoeye” sensor, that can bring the door to a full stop in a matter of seconds.

An optional window can be added to the Gortite VF Door to allow for safe supervision of the isolated processes. The red or bronze OSHA Compliant UV window is suitable for welding applications.

Key Advantages:

  • Easy Installation  Modular system arrives with top roll header fully assembled. Unit requires no cutting/drilling/taping or welding for assembly. Wall-mount adaptation possible with optional steel plates.
  • Freestanding  — Design not dependent on machine or wall for support. Provides consistent design and function across multiple lines & work areas.
  • Simplicity — Modular system arrives with top roll header fully assembled. Unit requires no cutting/drilling/taping or welding for assembly. Wall-mount adaptation possible with optional steel plates.
  • Accessibility — Removable aluminum side column covers provide access for installation, travel adjustment, preventative maintenance, and adding accessories such as interlocks.
  • Adaptability — Side columns and top roll header feature T-slots on multiple surfaces for mounting.
  • Appearance — Attractive appearance enhances your modern facility.  All aluminum and steel external surfaces are powder coated (base plate, columns, covers, and top roll header).
  • Reliability — Door mechanism moves on a maintenance-free ballbearing-based guidance system for smooth, low-wear operation.
  • Fast Delivery — Delivery in as little as 3 weeks.
  • Durability —
    • 44” per second standard speed
    • Side columns of extruded aluminum profiles and structural 2” square steel tube
    • Up to 2 complete cycles per minute, continuous operation
    • Developed for more than 1 million cycles
    • 1 year warranty
  • Safety —
    • Door retained in columns to minimize risk of people falling through closed door (conforms with OSHA guardrail requirements)
    • Traveling photo-eye option (bottom edge sensing and reversing) available with any controls option
    • Safety interlock option meets PLe/Cat-4 safety requirements when combined with appropriate logic and conformance to risk assessment
  • Flexibility —
    • Fully field adjustable heights for end-travel sensors and optional interlock sensors
    • Wide variety of options from “controls-by-integrator” to “turnkey”
    • Standard motor can be mounted in multiple orientations to minimize overall door width


Features Overview of Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Door 

Automated Machine Doors Improve Manufacturing Safety

Intelligent machine doors use vision systems and lightweight designs to prevent injury.

Design Options

Safety Sensor Options (available with any control system option)

Sensor for detecting interference and supporting door-auto reverse function:

  • Traveling Photoeye (bottom edge monitoring)
  • Fixed Photo Eye(s) for sensing interference while door traveling closed
  • Fixed 40” Light Curtain

Door Hold-Down Switch:

  • Latches door in closed-position, controlled by signal from machine

Door Closed Safety Interlock Switch and Safety Relay:

  • Helps meet PLe/Cat-4 safety requirements when combined with appropriate logic and conformance to risk assessment
  • Optional safety relay shipped loose or integrated into operator control unit
  • Safety circuit wiring required during installation

Note: The installer must ensure that the door, its controls, and any safety devices conform to applicable safety standards

Control System Options

Control System Options Standard Offering Integrator Control Box Option Operator Control Unit Option
(2) Door-Mounted “Travel-End” Sensors (24VDC proximity limit switches) x x x
(1) Door-Mounted Motor with quick-disconnect interface x x x
(1) NEMA 4X (IP66) control box with motor contactors x x
Control box logic to accept inputs from (2) Door Mounted “Travel End” Sensors, 3rd-party “up” signal, and 3rd-party “down” signal x x
Box mounting and all field wiring by others x x
(1) 24VDC Power Supply and (3) Pushbuttons (Up, Down, E-stop) x
Terminations and logic to accommodate options of Traveling Photo Eye, Fixed Photo Eye, Fixed Light Curtain, and Safety Interlock x

Motor Mounting Options

  • In-Line Motor Mount (facing front, facing back, above top roll header)
  • Right Angle Motor Mount (up, down, front, back)

Other Doors

Looking for something else? Dynatect has over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom roll-up doors.

Dynatect produces turnkey roll-up door systems including all components and metalwork. Motorized machine roll up doors are generally suitable for light-duty or indirect machine tool applications with light to moderate direct coolant spray and no direct heavy chip loads. These doors are used in the machine tool and automation industry, with applications in automotive assembly, automated welding, aerospace manufacturing, and general manufacturing.

Custom capabilities include:

  • Horizontal, vertical, or bi-parting orientation
  • Fabric, metal, plastic doors – with and without windows
  • Motorized versions available with gear motor and optional controls
  • Manual roll-up designs available (spring roller or scroll take-up)

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