Ball Screw Repair FAQ

Can a ball screw be rebuilt?

Yes! Ball screws can be rebuilt. The majority of the time, when a ball screw fails, it is due to wear, and as such develops excessive backlash and loses preload. In these instances, it is likely the screw can be disassembled, cleaned, any minor repairs performed, and then reloaded back to a preload state without backlash.

Many times a screw fails catastrophically and the ball bearings fall out. Often these screws can be rebuilt as well, assuming there is minimal to no damage to the nut or screw.

Should a screw not be salvageable, LSI can reverse engineer and manufacture a new screw to replace the old one.

What types of screws does Dynatect rebuild?

Dynatect will rebuild all types of ball screws, with all types of returns.

There may be limitations on remanufacturing a very select subset of legacy designs from certain ball screw manufacturers, however if the critical components are usable, the ball screw can at least be cleaned, reloaded, and put back into service.

Dynatect cannot repair acme thread screws, however in some instances the acme can be replaced with a ball screw, or Dynatect can work to provide a new acme screw.

What does Dynatect do when they receive my ball screw?

We log your item with the previously applied RMA number for tracking to ensure we know who to contact with our estimate, then we proceed to repair evaluation. All repair services begin with cleaning and inspection. Your estimate will likely include multiple offerings based on its condition, as well as a quotation on a new replacement screw.

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I suspect my ball screw is non-repairable, can Dynatect reverse-engineer?

Dynatect offers reverse engineering and routinely manufactures a replacement ball screw based on the customer-supplied part. Often a customer will purchase a rebuild on the existing screw so the machine can continue manufacturing, and then purchases a new screw for future replacement when it arrives.

If your original part is not performing well in your application, we can work with your design specs to come up with a replacement design. You’ll find that we’re very flexible in how we can support your needs.

What is involved in a warranty repair?

We offer a one-year warranty on ball screw reloads when we determine that the ball screw can be restored to “like new” condition. We evaluate this once we’ve received, cleaned and inspected your ball screw assembly. With a warranty reload, the unit is reloaded with new balls, new seals/wipers, tested, and inspected once more. Particular attention is paid to smoothness of operation, minimization of backlash, and minimization of dead-band condition.

Warranty details can be found here:

What is the ball screw repair warranty?

Warranty details can be found here:

What is involved in a non-warranty repair?

If while conducting a repair service estimate we find that we cannot guarantee restoration to “like new” performance, we may still offer a repair option to bridge the gap until you can receive a new replacement assembly. We are transparent about the temporary nature of this repair and will let you know when we cannot offer our “like new” warranty. This repair consists of cleaning, evaluation, reload, and inspection.

Do I receive before/after paperwork noting the tolerancing changes?

At this time we do not offer this as a standard report. However, in the quotation you receive after evaluation, the technician’s evaluation is summarized with the condition in which the ball screw is received. Rebuilt ball screws are loaded to ~6% dynamic rating for preload unless otherwise requested by the customer.

Does Dynatect chrome-coat the thread to add back thickness?

In very specific and unique applications and requests, Dynatect can chrome-coat to restore material to be reground. However, in the vast majority of cases, if a screw is damaged to that extent it is often more cost effective to regrind to a larger ball size, or manufacture a new screw shaft component.

Can Dynatect regrind my ball screw?

Yes, this is one method to use during a rebuild. In most cases, Dynatect can regrind your ball screw and fit it with a new manufactured nut. If the damage is so severe that too much of the screw shaft material would need to be removed and compromise strength, then we would quote a replacement option.

Can Dynatect make a new nut?

Before a full replacement assembly becomes necessary, Dynatect can salvage your old one by manufacturing a new nut to fit the refinished screw shaft. The new screw threads and ball nut will match the larger ball bearings, and can be an option in the event a damaged screw is needed in an urgent timeline.

Can Dynatect offer replacement journal bearings?

At this time, Dynatect does not offer journal bearings.

Does Dynatect offer emergency repair?

Dynatect offers emergency repair (reload) service for its customers. This means a turnaround of typically 12 to 24 hours or less, depending on how fast we can receive your ball screw. We have even turned around a ball screw in the same day. The best way to initiate this service is by calling us directly.

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What is the typical lead-time to rework a screw?

Our standard time for a reload is 3-5 days from receipt of the screw. This fluctuates depending on the volume of screws received and current backlog. In the event you need your screw reloaded faster in a machine down scenario, please call us directly and we will work with you to get an emergency repair completed.

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