Gortite® Roll Up Door Parts

All Gortite® Roll-Up Door parts are replaceable, and the take-up roller assembly carriers a lifetime warranty. For more information, see our warranty page. Your roll-up door’s serial number contains the information we need to identify all replacement parts.

Replacement Parts

Identifying replacement parts for your Gortite® Roll Up Door

Provide the door’s serial number – marked on the label near the handle. This will identify rib type, finish, type of side rails, door width and height, and any special customization.

Replacement door ajar switch:

Some body manufacturers provide their own door ajar switches, so please indicate the brand/manufacturer of your truck body or apparatus. Alternatively, the door serial number will help us identify this.

Magnetic Door Ajar Switch

Proprietary Agreement

If we have an agreement with a vehicle body manufacturer, we will refer you to the appropriate original equipment manufacturer so you can obtain replacement parts through them.

Roll Up Door Replacement Part Guide

Please identify the door’s serial number, to ensure the correct replacement part. For a more detailed drawing, click here to view PDF.

  1. Side Rail, Left
  2. Side Rail, Right
  3. Top Rail
  4. Roller
  5. Shade
  6. Handle Assembly*
  7. Door Seal Foam “d-seal”
  8. Pennant Plate, Left
  9. Pennant Plate, Right
  10. Roller Pins (2)
  11. Door Ajar Switch
  12. Power Door Lock
  13. Manual Lock

*For a detailed handle assembly drawing and part listing, click here for a PDF. We also need to know the door serial number.

gortite roll up door replacement parts

Side Rails

P Series Side Rail
Recessed Side Rail
R Series Side Rail
Standard Side Rail
Universal Side Rail

Other Parts

Door Seal Foam (“d seal”)
Top Drip Rail


Sill Plate (Standard, Universal)

Handle Lift Bar
Individual Ribs/Slats
Power Lock
Manual Lock

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