Slip Clutch CAD Files

3D STP Models for the standard bore size in each Polyclutch® line can be downloaded below. Please contact us if you require a model in a different bore diameter.

Mechanical Slip Clutches

Series 16

Single-Plate, Adjustable: PAO16-4     PAS16-4

Single-Plate, Fixed:   PFO16-4    PFS16-4

Multi-Plate, Adjustable: SAO16-4    SAS16-4

Multi-Plate, Fixed: SFO16-4    SFS16-4

Slipper Clutch

Multi-Plate Slipper Clutch

 Size Adjustable Adjustable Fixed Fixed
Size 20 SAO20-4 SAS20-4 SFO20-4 SFS20-4
Size 24 SAO24-6 SAS24-6 SFO24-6 SFS24-6
Size 32 SAO32-8 SAS32-8 SFO32-8 SFS32-8
Size 44 SAO44-8 SAS44-8 SFO44-8 SFS44-8
Size 48 SAO48-10 SAS48-10 SFO48-10 SFS48-10

Single-Plate Slipper Clutch

Adjustable Adjustable Fixed Fixed
Size 20 PAO20-4 PAS20-4 PFO20-4 PFS20-4
Size 24 PAO24-6 PAS24-6 PFO24-6 PFS24-6
Size 32 PAO32-8 PAS32-8 PFO32-8 PFS32-8
Size 44 PAO44-8 PAS44-8 PFO44-8 PFS44-8
Size 48 PAO48-10 PAS48-10 PFO48-10 PFS48-10

V-Series Slipper


V-Series Slipper Clutch



Adjustable Adjustable Fixed Fixed
Size 12 EAO12-4 EAS12-4 EFO12-4 EFS12-4
Size 16 EAO16-4 EAS16-4 EFO16-4 EFS16-4
Size 24 EAO24-6 EAS24-6 EFO24-6 EFS24-6
Size 32 EAO32-8 EAS32-8 EFO32-8 EFS32-8
Size 44 EAO44-8 EAS44-8 EFO44-8 EFS44-8
Size 52 EAO52-12 EAS52-12  –  –

Pneumatic Slip Clutches

Slip-Aire Clutch

Sizes Shaft-Through Shaft-to-Shaft
Size 20 AAO20-4 AAS20-4
Size 24 AAO24-6 AAS24-6
Size 32 AAO32-8 AAS32-8
Size 44 AAO44-8 AAS44-8

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