Repair Service & Replacement Solutions

Dynatect’s products are designed for high repetition, high speed, and durable performance in harsh applications.  Some environments are so extreme that motion/protective devices need to be repaired or replaced as a part of a Maintenance – Repair – Operations (MRO) process.  Dynatect offers reliable repair of ANY BRAND ball screw, telescopic covers, and roll up covers.  Dynatect also provides replacement of consumable goods like wipers and bellows.  Dynatect can make and repair the most extreme ball screws including units 67 feet long and 6 inches in diameter.  Dynatect can make and repair the most extreme telescopic covers including unit 64 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 17 continuous sections.  Dynatect is the global leader in way wipers providing stock way wiper sticks, telescopic wipers and parts, and custom way wipers.  Dynatect has the broadest portfolio of bellows with 15 different construction capabilities and hundreds of high performance materials meeting the needs of diverse industries from machine tool, to space exploration, to medical.  Rely on Dynatect to keep you machines and applications dynamically protected.

Repair Service

Dynatect offers repair through its Michigan and Wisconsin facilities. All brands of telescopic covers and precision ball screws (even acme or lead screws) can be restored, tested, and quickly returned. Evaluations are thorough and free, and replacements are always quoted as an option.

Ball Screw Repair

ball screw repair

Ball Screw Repair

Telescopic Cover Repair

way cover telescopic repair

Way Cover Repair

Replacement & Rebuild Options

Dynatect also provides custom engineering for repair, reverse-engineered, or entirely-new precision ground ball screws and telescopic way covers representing the most options to balance price, up-time and performance. Using repair services will help companies reduce the impact of steel tariffs. There’s no surcharge for repaired telescopic way covers and precision ball screws.  For facilities with a fleet of machine tools, Dynatect can provide a plant audit including change-out and refurbishment programs. Since Dynatect is also a leader ball screws, telescopic covers, way wipers, and bellows, this plant audit can pro-actively address many common machine-tool safety, service, and up-time needs. Any of these offerings can be augmented by a rotating inventory program to reduce outage duration by 70%.

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