08 Sep 2014

Introducing Dynatect

Press Release

A&A Manufacturing is now Dynatect

Gortite, Gortrac join six companies to form largest US manufacturer of dynamic equipment protection.

NEW BERLIN, Wis., Sep 8, 2014 – Industrial protection producer A&A Manufacturing today announced that it has selected a new trade name and brand mark, as Gortite and Gortrac combine with the organization’s other six companies to create the new business entity Dynatect Manufacturing, Inc. With seven manufacturing plants and two distribution locations worldwide, Dynatect is the largest manufacturer of dynamic industrial equipment protection in the U.S. and solves applications worldwide through their comprehensive product offering.

The move comes as Dynatect reveals a strategy to focus on six key markets: Machine Tool; Medical/Automation; Oil and Gas; Construction/Agriculture; and MRO.

Said Dynatect Chief Executive Officer Brian McSharry, “Today’s launch reflects how we’ve actually been working for years. Whilst we used to front the market with several different companies, we’ve really always been a single one-stop shop for the whole gamut of industrial equipment protection. Engineers and technical field advisors across all companies have liaised closely to deliver the optimal solution for each unique application. Nevertheless, the many companies involved admittedly made for some confusion among our clients. Dynatect resolves that issue.”

The collaboration of the former group of companies has resulted in a portfolio of more than 500,000 customized designs, which Dynatect will offer in four distinct product categories: protective coverings, cable and hose carriers, mechanical motion control, and elastomer components.

“It’s all about achieving a clearer business offering,” said Senior Vice President Tony Cavalco. “We have seen significant growth through new product development and acquisitions over the last 4 years. We were clearly doing something right. Now, we’ve taken the time needed to identify what underpins this success.  We are confident we can maintain quality and innovation as we combine our capabilities into a single, unified organization which will concentrate on increased sales into targeted industries.”

Industry-recognized brands Gortite, Gortrac and Polyclutch, will remain as product range labels of Dynatect. Explains McSharry, “These brands have been around for so long, they’re part of U.S. industrial history, and we want people to know that Dynatect will honor their legacy. We will continue the tradition of vertical integration and commitment to quality that our founder Gerald O’Rourke started back in the 1940s. These values have led to Gortite today having a 60% share in the highly competitive domestic U.S. market, and they are bound to lead to even greater successes as we move forward as Dynatect on the international market.”

Companies acquired by A&A since 2012 will continue to carry their brand names due to the name recognition in the marketplace: U.S acquisitions Ro-Lab, Lead Screws International, and German acquisitions MFB, and Halltech.

About Dynatect Manufacturing, Inc.

Established as A&A Manufacturing in 1945, Dynatect manufactures dynamic industrial protection for equipment and people. The company is headquartered in New Berlin, Wis., and operates eight manufacturing facilities across North America, Europe and Asia. Serving the key markets of Medical Automation; Oil and Gas; Construction and Agriculture; Machine Tool; Transportation; and Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO). Dynatect offers four product groups: protective coverings; cable and hose carriers; mechanical motion control; and elastomer components. Its portfolio currently includes a total of over 500,000 customized designs, including the Gortite, Gortrac and Polyclutch product ranges.