Sewn Bellows

Sewn bellows are manufactured from heavy-duty elastomer-coated fabric stitched with nylon or specialty thread. A liquid coating can be added to seams to extend life in severe applications by reducing the thread exposure to the environment or to limit moisture leakage. Sewn bellows are available in virtually any size or shape (round, oval, rectangular, strip-type, way cover, etc.) – without tooling charges. They are constructed with a wide variety of materials, chosen to match the application environment.

Round Profile / Rod Boot – Need it Fast?

Standard round profile bellows are available from stock or expedited delivery. See to Stock Sewn Bellows page for sizes.

Design Info

Typical Applications:

  • Way and linear rail covers
  • Cylinder Rod boots (hydraulic cylinder protection)
  • Screw or spindle protection (ball screw, acme screw, lead screw)
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder covers
  • Protective covers for robotic arms
  • Shift/joystick boots
  • Lift table skirting

Sewn Materials:

  • Aluminized Fiberglass
  • Nitrile/Nylon
  • Goralon® (CSM)/Nylon
  • Goralon® (CSM)/Polyester
  • Chloroprene/Nylon
  • Silicone/Fiberglass
  • PTFE/Fiberglass
  • Specialty: Ask Dynatect about expanded temperature ranges, chemical resistance, or flame retardant requirements


  • Zipper (for installation)
  • Tie-strips (to limit cover stretch)
  • Grommets (For use with supports or guide rods)
  • Internal guides/inserts (for use with rotating shafts/ball screws)
  • Mounting clamps (for collar ends)
  • Back-up plates (mounting support for flange ends)