Service Loop Socks

Service Loop Socks reduce damage, downtime, and repair costs.

Key Advantages & Features

  • Prevent Hang-Ups in the Mast: Power/service cables are bound together
  • Lower Repair Costs & Downtime: Prevent service loop damage from direct exposure
    to harsh conditions
  • Field Serviceable and Re-usable: Full length hook and loop surface allows for regular inspection, opening, and refastening
  • Durable: Tear, abrasion, UV, & weather resistant material
  • Secure: Locking carabineers and load rated tie-down straps hold the cover in place
    and reduce cable stress

How to Order

  • Contact your local Dynatect Representative (, email, or give us a call at 800.298.2066.
  • For a quote, please provide the width, length, and basic requirements of your cable package

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