Molded Rubber Bellows and Boots

Rubber boots/bellows can be ordered as a custom design or from a predefined standard design. Dynatect manufactures custom-made molded rubber bellows and stock rubber bellows for standard rod sizes.

Rubber bellows function as “dust boots” to seal out dust and other light-duty environmental contaminants while enabling a predetermined range of motion for the protected part. Rubber boots are common in industrial and automotive applications. (In automotive applications, the bellows may be called a gaiter. This is a type of bellows that is often used in automotive applications to protect the moving parts of a vehicle’s suspension system from dirt and debris.)

Rubber bellows may function as tubing or ducting, however, bellows are most commonly used as a protective cover.

Depending on the manufacturing process, molded bellows can have an extended resting position, which means convolutions are extended in the resting position. For an example, visualize a convoluted drainage pipe. Other bellows may have a “closed” resting position, which means the bellows convolutions are tighter together (naturally compressed) when in a relaxed state. 

Many molded rubber bellows tend to have a large extended-to-retracted ratio, and the overall bellows are stiffer. 

Dynatect has a variety of manufacturing processes to produce molded bellows in either style. Dynatect’s Gortiflex rubber bellows have an excellent extended-to-retracted ratio, meaning the tight compression can satisfy a more dynamic range of motion.

Molded bellows typically have a more rounded peak at each convolution:

molded rubber bellows  molded formed bellows

Other rubber (technically elastomer-coated materials) bellows are made by sealing or stitching alternating inner and outer rings of material, resulting in convolutions that are “sharper” or more v-shaped. The latter tends to have a more “industrial” look, although Dynatect’s Thermiseal bellows are exceptionally neat in appearance.

Sometimes bellows are referred to as “convoluted tubing”. Flange and collar options, backup plates, and worm-gear clamps satisfy common mounting requirements. While mounting accessories may be specified at the time of order, it is best to consider the mounting requirements at the time of quote.

Convolutions are open while bellows is resting
gortiflex molded bellows
Closed peaks in resting position
Dip-molded bellows
Close up: Thermiseal bellows
Thermiseal bellows

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